Why threat intelligence is the key to defending against Third party risks

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The longer a threat remains undetected in your environment, the greater risk to your business. A Managed Detection and Response solution helps your security team detect, investigate and take action against attackers much faster than traditional security tools not designed to detect advanced threats.
How Advanced Adversaries Find the Weak Spots
The attack methods of cybercriminals have evolved from the days of merely broad-based attacks aimed at affecting as many organizations as possible. Today, cybercrimes often are more methodical and strategic in their approach. Many companies struggle to select the right technologies and services to construct a baseline of solid security, and that approach leaves gaps that a targeted attack campaign can exploit. That can lead adversaries to focus on attacks that target intellectual property, PCI data, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), sensitive financial information, and other information that can result in brand damage.
More Layers Increase Risk Exposure
Organizations have responded to the increase in available security products by adding layers to their security programs. However, this mix of security tools is costly, and is not successful in reacting efficiently to incidents. Additionally, the tools often are not integrated with each other, and do not provide benefit that better protects clients. Each layer of security also brings additional complexity as security professionals must learn the new technologies, more alerts are generated and must be investigated, and data flows are growing as more organizations move into the cloud. Making sense of all this data is a challenge, especially considering many organizations continue to struggle with hiring, training and retaining the right in-house resources to effectively manage a security program. The resources in place spend their time keeping all this various technology working, with little time to analyze and investigate alerts, resulting in more time reacting to events and less time being proactive to reduce risk.

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